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      In the dct.c, I had to change the line 20 from


      #include "wifi_config_dct.h"




      #include WICED_WIFI_CONFIG_DCT_H


      To allow WIFI_CONFIG_DCT_H in the makefile. Am i missing something?

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          Our latest version of dct.c does this:



          #include "wifi_config_dct.h"

          #else/* #ifdef WIFI_CONFIG_APPLICATION_DEFINED */

          #include "default_wifi_config_dct.h"

          #endif /* #ifdef WIFI_CONFIG_APPLICATION_DEFINED */

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            I am fully aware of what the current one does. However, if the is kept as default, it doesn't respect the location of the wifi_config_dct.h that could be defined in the make file.

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              The location of the file is irrelevant if your makefile adds the containing directory to the GLOBAL_INCLUDES variable