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    Programmable power supply




      I have an application that is based on a 5LP that requires a programmable power supply for part of the circuit.


      The input voltage is fixed between 12V and 24V DC. I need to provide part of the circuit with adjustable voltage from 5V to 9.5V DC (1Amp max).


      I am considering using the DAC to op amp and driving the adjut pin of an LM317 but don't really want to need a large heatsink.


      I also looked at controlling the feedback of switching regulator IC?


      The adjustments do not need to be fine, 16 levels (4 bits) would be fine. I thought maybe I could have 4 x binary weighted resistors in feedback loop of SMPS IC but maybe there is a common way of solving this that you guys have used successfully? Or know of an IC that would accept DAC or binary inputs for control.


      Thanks for any suggestions.