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    Emulated EEPROM on PRoC

      I have to use some persistent memory for a project I am working on and haven't had to do this before on PSoC. Everything I saw points to using the Emulated EEPROM component to store it in flash on PSoC 4. However, the Emulated EEPROM component isn't available when developing for PRoC. Is there something PRoC is missing that is required for this component. It sounds like just a software API on top of flash.


      I am working around it by making direct flash memory write calls. This has been working fine so far. I don't see a way to reserve flash memory so that my program code doesn't overwrite it but so far it is small enough that it hasn't been a problem. It would be good to use the same components across devices as much as possible. What is different about the PRoC that would prevent this from working?