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    cy68013a : how to reset the chip by software?

              Hi: I used cy68013a in my product, sometimes it crashed(port communication failed) when communicated with PC software, so I reload the firmware, and reset the 8051 and try to let it recover, so could you give me some advises about how to reset the 68013a by software (include : interrupt flags reset, usb controller reset, endpoint reset and so on)? Regards smalling   
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           Are you using your own device or Cy3684 DVK?




          How are you doing RESET in the current one to avoid the issue?




          if you want to do software RESET refer section 7.3 in technical reference manual of FX2LP

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                    yeah, I am using my own device on CY3684 DVK; The problem is that, when my 68013 device communication with PC after a long time, sometimes it's no response whenever I send IN or OUT packet to it's endpoint, so I try to reload a new firmware to it by my PC's software, I excuted software reset in the beginning of the firmware, the 68013 device recovered normal communication firstly, but it go wrong sooner, so I guess when software reset the chip i neglected something(such as endpoint flags) and cause the problem. according to the chapter 7.7 in EZ-USB datasheet, many registers will not changed when CPU reset, so how to software reset the 68013a to confirm that all the registers are restored to their default values.