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    What is the real offset voltage of the opamp for PSOC4



      I do some tests with PSOC4 opamp, the result is not really good:


      I configure a opamp as a follower and put a signal like sinus from 0 to 100mV and i get the output signal ohne if the input signal > 49mV.  I tried all configurations and the results are the same.


      I checked the PSoC4 PSoC 4200 Family Datasheet_001-87197_0B.pdf and this is in the spec:


      SID288 VOS_TR Offset voltage, trimmed 1 ±0.5 1 mV High mode
      SID288A VOS_TR Offset voltage, trimmed – ±1 – mV Medium mode
      SID288B VOS_TR Offset voltage, trimmed – ±2 – mV Low mode




      So, I'd like to know what is the real offset of this chip, has someone experence with this issues?




      Thanks a lot for any infos!