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    Application notes



      I could not figure out where to post this so moderators please accept my apologies and move this accordingly.


      AS part of my final evaluations, I wanted to put together a simple program that can measure low voltage AC sinewave of no higher than 2vp/p and a frequency of 50khz.  This is for an LVDT in the end.




      Now I started going through the notes and such but found that using Google is a far more efficient way to search this site.  I found two articles but not much to go with.  I looked in the Example projects but did not see anything there either.




      IS there a way to get a catalog of the app notes Cypress has available on the site?  It would help because navigating the site is painfull because the site is so slow responding....Whats up with that BTW?




      So three questions:


      1) Is there an app note table of contents?


      2) Any suggestions on how to measure the signal I described above


      3) WHY is the site so slow in response?