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    I2S issue

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          Here is the problem of using I2S component .


          im choosing Tx direction with mono left channels as the I2S configuration and i wrote the following lines to test it.






          void Audio_Start(void)
















                 if(I2S_AUDIO_ReadTxStatus() & I2S_AUDIO_TX_FIFO_0_NOT_FULL)














          I set a break point on the line " I2S_AUDIO_WriteByte(1,0)" and found that there are only 4 execution on the line. I already use oscilloscope to measure the waveform output of SCK,WS and SDO pin. it shows that there are no data output on SDO.


           Is there anyone can help me?  


          Thank you

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            It would be best if you post the project so all settings


            can be examined -








            “File”                                                             Creator


            “Create Workspace Bundle”






            Regards, Dana.