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    Need help with DFB Assembler Programming

      Hi, I am new to PSoC and for my internship I am trying to get the following logical operation carried out using the DFB:


      There are two inputs A and B (A, B can be 0 or 1) and one output (0 or 1). If A is 0, output nothing; if A is 1, output B.


      Truth table: 


      A B Output


      0 0 -


      0 1 -


      1 0 0


      1 1 1


      The output is supposed to be stored in the local (DFB) memory in form of a sequence of 0s and 1s. I believe I require a simple Compare and Jmp operation, which determines whether to store B or discard the value by checking the value of A, and another Shift and Add operation to keep adding the new bit to a register by shifting the existing sequence to the left by 1 bit. When the DFB registers are full I need to generate an interrupt and transfer the data in DFB memory to main memory. 


      While I know some assembly language programming, I find the DFB assembler quite confusing. Can anyone who's familiar with the DFB assembly suggest how to execute this? Thank you for your help in advance!