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    EZ-USB FX3 Bootloader Driver

      Hi all,


      I have observed that the FX3 driver installed with SDK is not completely having the driver for "Cypress USB BootLoader" the default bootloader running with FX3 with VendorID="04B4" and ProductID="00BC" . I have opened the driver "cyusb.inf" file present inside the driver folder of FX3 SDK installation location, I did see that the PID of Bootloader is mapped to "00F3". If this value is "BC" instead of "F3", device is detected properly. So,  Please let me know if there is cypress signed driver with BootLoader assigned to "00BC" or any other suggesstions for solving this issue is also welcome.







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           Hi Gokul,


          There are cases in which a FX3 based board comes up with different PIDs for the Boot Loader such as 0x00BC, 0x00B0, 0x0053. These are the PIDs of few other devices of Cypress which share the same Boot Loader code as that of FX3. These devices have different set of PMODE values for their boot options.     



          When the PMODE Pins of FX3 are not soldered properly to appropriate values or if there is any fault in the PMODE Connection (High / Low / Tristate), the BootLoader code assumes FX3 as a different Cypress devices and assigns any one of the PIDs of 0x00BC, 0x00B0, 0x0053. These PIDs are recognized by the cyusb3.sys Driver.     



          When this issue occurs, try any of these solution:     



               1)         Re-check the PMODE Connections.     





               2)         Manually bind the Cypress Driver to the FX3 Device with different PID using the Device manager. (Before binding, the device appears in the name “WestBridge” in the Device Manager) i.e you can go ahead with 0x00BC itself. This will not cause any probelem in the functionality




          -Madhu Sudhan




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            Hi Madhu,


            Thanks for your reply. Our issue is FX3's Boot Firmware which comes with the chip production from Cypress. It is detecting as WestBridge with PID "0x00BC", but the driver what I have used does not have any assignments for this PID.


            I have now downloaded the latest driver from the Cypress website, I will check it and will let you know.







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              Yes, my previous reponse applies to the Boot firmware. So check if the PMODE Pins are proper


              However, Even if this PID is not mentioned in the inf file, you can just manually bind the driver and use it, No issues.






              - Madhu Sudhan

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                Hi Madhu,




                Thanks for your response. The new driver from cypress has actually covered the PID "00BC" for FX3 Bootloader. Driver is working fine. Thanks You.







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                  Hi , I am able to build the project, after building project without error, I am not able to debug the error and run, instead getting the same error as below ones.


                  error while launching command gdb-- version


                  Please help on this, thank you. 

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                    Please provide a table of the PMODE and PID values. I have an unusual case where plugging into a laptop vs. Beagle 5000 changes the PID from 53 to B0 for a USB 2.0 version of FX3. I need to know what PMODE pins this relates to and try to figure out what is going on.