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    OK, so how do we program the cy8ckit-049-42xx ?

      Sorry, I thought this would be a touch easier... following one of 5 or 10 different "examples", I believe I have this PSoC always in the fast blink mode.


      I opened the ADC with Differential Amplifier example and got it to Build / Generate Application after realizing what the example meant by pin assignments.  ...  now, what exactly are the next steps to load it to the target? I really don't "get" opening bootlable and programming it with that (which is why I think it always starts as though you were holding down the button).


      Also, the instructions say to connect P0[5] to P12[6] on header J8. J8 is the USB connector with D+ D- +5 and 0.


      ... going to be taking a PSoC5 home tonight and hope it isn't as difficult to get started. Alan Hawse, I challenge you to hire an EE college grad (ok to have embedded experience with anything other than Cypress) and then watch her try to get this cy8ckit-049 to do anything without having a Cypress employee walk through the process. I'm over 8 hours into your company's products and ChipKIT, Ti, and NXP at least made something happen for me in the first day. 


      Grumble grumble, don't even get me started on how ardweeny can make a button and their board do something in about 10 minutes. You've got like another 8 hours before I dismiss Cypress and for small projects, stick with the arduino pro minis. They might be inferior but at least telling them to do things only requires a BSEE grad with 3.73 GPA. :P


      Yaaay - as if stress from work isn't enough, the PSoC-049 is going to make me drink.

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           CY8CKIT-059 programmed and installed just fine. Was able to change the PWM LED blinky program to reflect that I've been there. Maybe after getting an understanding of the -059, something with the -049 will make more sense?? 





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             OK, I figured it out. Thankfully, I brought home the cy8ckit-049...




            When I before tried the tutorial at work, I hadn't explicitly installed  CY8CKIT-049-42xx Kit Only (Kit Design Files, Documentation, Examples), so I didn't have the proper example to load into my workspace. Further, while I knew there was a difference in programming the target between cy8ckit-059 and -049, it wasn't stated clearly or obvious enough that when building a project for -049, you must also have the Project 'UART_Bootloader' [CY8C4245AXI-483]' within the same workspace as the project you're working on.




            I still wonder what would happen to someone handed the sealed cy8ckit-049 and told to change the blink rate. Of course, now that I *can* I have to figure out how... ;)  Wasn't too hard in -059 example, buy this one is different.




            :) Chris

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              Both the kits, the CY8CKIT-049... and the -059 are named "Prototype Kits" and I feel that they are made for exactly this purpose: Building a (cheap) prototype.


              For development, testing and proof-of-concept they are quite to small imho, the -049 even lacks any debugging capabilities (except when you already spent some $$ for a MiniProg3) making it a quite difficult and a pain in the a.. to get something new running.


              Having one of the pioneer kits for PSoC4 or a CY8CKIT-050 for the PSoC5LP you are quite well off, lots of examples right out-of-the-box with the needed hardware already on the pcb will help you to get your ideas moldet and casted in silicon.


              Yes, it is tempthing to get a powerful Kit for $4 or $10, but it is the same as getting a cheap F1 car engine but without the car: although all is well documented it is a long way to get your own built car running.





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                Dear Un3x  Yes it is not easy to use the Cy8CKIT-049-42XX or 41XX they are hard to understand with the boot loader and bootloadable components.  Step 1 download this doc http://www.cypress.com/?docID=48142 it explains how to use the part.  Step 2  download this setup file it includes psoc creator and all the files you need to use the part. http://www.cypress.com/?docID=51316&dlm=1  follow step 3.3 in the User manual . you have to look for the device on your computer as stated in section 3.3. Then download the program to the device don't forget to press and hold the switch before you install the -42xx unit the led should be flashing quickly that means the bootloader is working on the device. follow the programming instructions in 3.3. after this you can install all of your projects in this directory and you will not need to install the bootloader uart or the other code.  All the program will work if you install a bootloadable component and set the dependences to the orginal directory and this will get the .hex and .elf files necessary for your projects.  I have not had any issues once I understood how to do it . If you over write the Bootloader then you will need to reinstall the bootloader this can be done by using another -042XX or the 059 device as it has a built in programmer.  Both devices don't allow debug as has already been explained.  If you want to debug your design get a PSOC 4 pioneer board.

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                   Thanks Bob (both Bobs!), 




                  My struggle was understanding how the PSoC4 requires a UART bootloader code component to be compiled in with your project to update via USB. With the $4 entry point, the PSoC4 is going to be many peoples' first exposure to the Cortex and/or Cypress. I feel that a little more effort can go into DO THIS FIRST type of info, maybe even in the package as delievered. 




                  The best resource is actually the product webpage. I found clicking away from it always leads me down a path of incorrect info. Sitting down last night and actually reading every bit of that page is when I saw the additional code packages to install.




                  Next step is to figure out how to make programming faster/easier. Ideally, if I could just hit the user switch and have the board enter programming mode. That would work fine for me for now. Additionally, while initially researching this kit, I saw the usefulness of having a MiniProg3 and then found a great way to buy one was to purchase the CY5672 BLE remote control reference kit. At $46, this is an amazing value... to think there are Arduino-type boards that cost this much.




                  I'm very excited to learn about Cypress and with just a small polishing on marketing, these products can take over as the 1st generation of Arduino users get tired of the platform's shortcomings. Doubling this is how as people master the Arduino, they learn how to better leverage technology and quickly surpass the AVR's low speed, small RAM, and/or limited # of pins. 





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                    Un3x You stated the following My struggle was understanding how the PSoC4 requires a UART bootloader code component to be compiled in with your project to update via USB. I have not found that to be true. All you need is to have the bootloadable component and that the dependencies are pointing to your install directory for the .HEX and .elf files. Then you will be able to program the device by going to the tools pull down in PSOC CREATOR  and selecting the bootloader host it will open and you are ready to program your device by following the user manual. Or program it with the mini Prog 3 and you do not need the bootloader host tool at all.



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                      Hi Chris,


                      Oh you are so right. I had the same painful experience just looking for simple getting started info about that kit.


                      The bootloader experience in Psoc is quite different to the non-bootloader kits. I had done a lot of work with one of the more expensive 5LP dev boards and it's brilliant - just plug in the USB and upload (and debug) from the IDE.


                      That experience led me to assume that all PSoc's could be programmed in the same way.


                      The cy8ckit-049-42xx is completely different:


                      1. No uploading from the IDE - compile in the IDE and then upload using the seperate Programmer app.


                      2. No debugging.


                      3.The code is different as it needs the bootloader component.


                      None of these issues are big, but they are not well explained. And something which may not be obvious to the informed - stating that it uses a bootloader is not the same thing as explaining the consequences of same!


                      Another thing I remember was the quick start page which came with the device didn't help.


                      Of course once you get going its great stuff, its just that unexpected learning curve which bites.



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                         Hi Roger,




                        Right?! :D But I've got it figured out, even though it's still kinda annoying. The real goofy part is how you link to some other random project that you must have first compiled to make the hex/whatever files which all future CY8CKIT-049 projects' "Bootloadable" blocks point to. 




                        Now that I've got it working, I'm happy, but yes, compared to PSoC5's -059 development, wow, this is surely a PITA. 




                        Steps for noobs:

                        1. Bookmark the board's page at Cypress.
                        3. Download and install "CY8CKIT-049-42xx Kit Setup (Kit Design Files, Creator, Programmer, Documentation, Examples) ". That's the complete install, not the "kit only". Then update to get Creator 3.2... :P  
                        5. Open up the "CY8CKIT-049-4xxx PSoC 4 Prototyping Kit Guide.pdf" and follow it to the freakin letter. Build the "Bootloadable Blinking LED" project. 
                        7. After you've built it, every project from there on out needs the "Bootloadable" block from the System blocks area and then its "Definition" in the new project has to have the same hex files as that original project.

                        Sounds simple...  Now, anyway. :)

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                          Hi Chris,


                          Sorry, perhaps thats not normal lingo in your part of the world :- I meant 'right' as in 'correct', not as in 'turn right' :)




                          Glad you got it figured out.





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                            Hi Roger,




                            That particular "Right?!" was me exclamating my agreement. :) 




                            :D Chris

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                               Ah right!! I see  :)





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                                Hi guys,


                                I am new to the PSOC world (5 hours) and I figure that the only reason the -049 kit is so cheap is because it has a bootloader. Now if some idiot (me) tries to flash a program without the bootloader reference into the -049 Kit then will it be bricked up?


                                Is there any way of fixing that except for using a Miniprog3?


                                I live in India so the kit cost me about 10$ and one week of waiting and I am not looking forward to repeating that performance.


                                FYI. I have worked quite a bit with AVRs (not just Arduino) and I have a basic idea of microcontroller programming.




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                                  We have a saying here in Germany: "Who buys cheap will buy twice"

                                  Get a CY8CKIT-059 or -053 for $20 in India.What you will get is an additional snap-off kitprog which you will use for programming and debugging. You will be able to program your -049 kit with this part.


                                  The area within your -049 kit where the bootloader resides is write protected. So it will not get overwritten easily. But the kit lacks any debugging capability which makes programming a bit (or byte) difficult.



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