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    IDAC in Sleep Mode power issues



      I am working with the PSoC 4 BLE kit,


      and am trying to use the IDAC and sleep mode as a low-power current driver.


      The documentation lists sleep mode as 1-3mA. I am using the IDAC in 7bit 0-152uA mode, 


      and have a one pin (pushbutton) interrupt for chaning current level.


      I have built my program into release mode, set the Programming pins to GPIO,  


      left all other components in defualt off mode, and left all other GPIO in default Hi-Z mode.


      However, my PSoC still consistenly draws 6-7mA after entering sleep mode.


      To further confuse me, I have on 3 occasions, after a arbritary and large period of time, 


      seen the chip suddenly go into a 0.1 - 0.8mA  sleep mode (and still support pushbutton functionality).


      I cannot seem to reliably repeat this low-power mode, nor do I understand why the normal sleep mode


      is higher than the stated specs.


      Attached is my current project, and thank you for any advice.