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    LVI project


      Hi everyone and again I hope some of you can help me with that:


      I am trying to save some variables  when  Vdda  and /or Vddd  drop down 2.95 V.


      I have tried to adapt  the example  "D"  on  AN 54460  for Low voltage interrupt.


      I have created a small project to test the LVI feature.


      To verify that the ISR is working  I have set the variable "Led_On" inside the ISR.


      Later in the main loop,  when Vddd  or Vdda drop below  the threshold,  I should see  the  led connected to  the Pin 1(2)  turn on a some fraction of second .


      That  not happen,  I do not know  what is missing.




      Thank you very much for any help.