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    Build error: 'SCB_SCB_IRQ__INTC_NUMBER' undeclared  (SCB redefinition)

       Hello forum,


      I struggle with solving the build error: 'SCB_SCB_IRQ__INTC_NUMBER' undeclared.


      The setting


      For my implementation I need to use SPI & UART, but once in a while also the CapSense tuner GUI, but the PSoC42xx BLE does only offer two SCBs.  My solution was to disable the UART SCB and enable the EZI2C SBC if needed and adopt the Code with #if/#else.


      I can successfully run the UART and EZI2C in different projects with the same code (but with different parts of the #if/#else enabled), so my code should be fine.


      The Problem


      When I merge the two mentioned projects together (UART and EZI2C in one project on the same SCB number, one disabled) and try to build, I get the quoted error.


      Can anybody help?