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    loopback via two flags



      I need to organize control stream_in with pc.


      I want on/off increment stream_in with pc.


      I used cyusb3014, kintex 7. On board trace only flagA and flagB.


      May released loop_back via two flags? 


      And how easy to implement the transfer of one command for on/off increment stream (what about short_cmd).

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          ff my understanding is correct, you want to control the FPGA sendin Stream_in from PC. Please correct me if I am wrong.


          As per the present implementation of SlaveFifo Sync example in An65974, the Flas indicate the availablity of buffer memory inside FX3. If PC does not read data from FX3, the flags indicate the buffers have not been read back and no more space is availale for FPGA to send data. So once the flags inidcate the availabilty, FPGA sends data.


          Please provide infomration in detail on what change you would like to have in tihis approach.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            i releazed write and read function.


            I used flagA,B,C,D, and two channel.


            I need to use 3rd channel for stream_out.


            How use flag for different channel?

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              I understood, need to use current thead for setting flags.


              another question: how control GPIO from PC, for example i want on/off LED on CYUSB3014.


              May example pls.