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    Dear Cypress

              Dump Dot Net   
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          SPAM Post




          Regards, Dana

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                    Most assuredly not spam. Cypress has crippled a fine product by platform-locking it to Windows hosts. Great hardware, it's a real shame.   
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                      Just recasting the CLI components of the PSoC Creator suite to be portable would even be a giant step forward.   
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                Just for curiosity: The platform language here is set to "English" but I am unable to understand what "CLI" is. On the other side: for desk-top applications windows is the mostly used OS, not mac, nothing wth an "X" at the end. So why not concentrate on the #1? (Do not let me be misunderstood: this has nothing to do with quality, only with spreading)





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                  CLI = Command Line Interface, PSOC Designer originated terminology.......




                  Of course CL has been around since 60's.........maybe even earlier.





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                            Thinking it over, perhaps "dumping" DOT NET wouldn't be necessary for my wish list. Portability options do exist and Microsoft has even stepped up with their offerings in that direction. Maybe there's a real opportunity here.. If Cypress were to build out a SaaS (Software as a Service) Web Edition of their PSoC Creator tool (with the fitter, etc) and then provide the means for users to locally compile and flash the resulting system, I believe they would enjoy an explosion of interest. Many PSoC5 projects have a relatively static HW definition and the bulk of one's effort goes into application software development. For those types of projects, a few sessions with the Web Edition would probably be sufficient for the entire application. For more serious and involved designs, engineers could always use the full locally-installed PSoC Creator.   
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                              Bob: By measure of popularity are we to presume that, at one time, Britney Spears produced the best music? 8)   
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                        Hicks: You probably overlooked " Do not let me be misunderstood: this has nothing to do with quality, only with spreading"





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                          Thanks Bob,


                          I suppose I did overlook that a bit, but mainly because I don't agree with the premise  :)




                          We can look to nature and its ecosystems and learn a lot about survival and propagation of the species.




                          In healthy ecosystems there exists great diversity, brought about by environmental pressures that induce mutations which facilitate better survival and propagation.




                          When a sole strain of a species fails to adapt to its enviroment, it becomes extinct.  Diseases can wipe out the entire population in a very short time.




                          I wouldn't waste my time here if I did not believe that this is fantastic technology.   I just believe that someone made a decision, probably at a very high level within Cypress, to form this singular thrust with Windows DOT NET and that decision is short-changing Cypress and its user base.




                          Even within the implementation, there is great evidence that Cypress has spread itself pretty thin with their current offering and is taking on far too much reinvention of far too many things that are already done better elsewhere.




                          For one example, consider a large geographically distributed design team with many PSoC Creator projects trying to share code, components and understand modifications (diffs) between them as they work.   If there has been any effort toward providing source code/design management features of projects under this IDE then it certainly does not seem to have really great usability attributes.   




                          Blobs of serialized DOT NET objects are pretty tough to navigate and compare..




                          I sincerely believe Cypress could do itself and its users a service by reconsidering its offerings and perhaps even end up doing much more with much less effort and thereby gain a much larger user base.

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                            Sounds like a letter is in order to the VP of Engineering -








                            Regards, Dana.