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    understanding I2C bus address




      I'm implementing a linux driver for CY14B512I on chip DM8127.


      In the "Slave Device Address" section, in Table1 "Slave Device Addressing" there is a field called "Device Select ID".


      I couldn't find what that "Device Select ID" means.




      Hope you can help me with that.


      BR. Hagai

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           Hi Hagai,


          The "Device select ID" are the 3 bits in slave address which are represented by the status of A2, A1, A0 input pins. 


          A2, A1, A0 pins are used to select between the multiple slave devices connected on the same bus.  Since there are 3 pins, a maximum of 8 devices can be connected on the same bus. If these pins are not connected or left floating, the default state is LOW. Hence the "Device select ID" bits = 000.


          Figure 7, Figure 8 and Figure 9 give some more details.


          Please let me know if you have any other queries on this.





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                    Hi got it working. Thanks :)