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    BCM20732S layout issues

      Hello Support


      I have the document called MMP20732S-TRM102-R which describes how to layout the BCM20732S SiP module on pages 21 and 22.


      I think this description is wrong in on page 22 which shows a drawing of the SiP module and the ground traces around the module. I think the drawing itself is showing the layout looking up from the underside of a PCB whereas the labels for side A, B, C & D have been assigned to the drawing as if the viewer is looking down on the top of the package. Therefore, these labels have been assigned to the wrong sides of the SiP module in the drawing.


      The reason for this remark is the description shown on page 21 which states that the signal tracks should leave the module between pins 16 to 19, which would be side D in the drawing if the 'white dot' signifies pin 1. Side D is also the side that you want the antenna ground plane to be routed away from the package, so why would you route digital traces out of side D while also tracking out a very sensitive antenna ground plane??


      I would prefer a far better drawing of the layout than the one shown on page 22 if possible, one that explicitly shows the traces for each layer for an optimium layout than the crude drawing in the document.


      A downloadable file containing Gerber files for the BCM20732S would be far better.