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    Modify, add or delete bootloader commands.



      Me and my team developed a small application allowing us to update the PSoC 3 when it's in bootloader mode. This would allow our clients to do a firmware upgrade via our software if there is the need for it. Currently, we are able to flash all the rows, verify them and boot into the new application using the C API Cypress provided.

      Here's our problem, we would like our host program to be able to receive information from the PSoC 3 while it's in bootloader mode. I.E we would like to get the software version running on it, the firmware version, the serial number etc. (Stuff burned in EEPROM).


      Currently there exists commands like Enter bootloader, get flash size, erase row, verify checksum etc.


      My question is, is there a way to modify those commands provided by the API (add, delete or modify them)?


      (Example of commands below)

      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_CHECKSUM     (0x31u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_REPORT_SIZE  (0x32u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_APP_STATUS   (0x33u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_ERASE        (0x34u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_SYNC         (0x35u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_APP_ACTIVE   (0x36u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_DATA         (0x37u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_ENTER        (0x38u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_PROGRAM      (0x39u)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_VERIFY       (0x3Au)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_EXIT         (0x3Bu)
      #define Bootloader_1_COMMAND_GET_METADATA (0x3Cu)


      Thank you!