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    Set EM_EEPROM Location




      Are there any examples of how to set EM_EEPROM to a specific location, and then change that location after a certain amount of writes?


      My EM_EEPROM is set up like this:


      // EEPROM Array


      static const uint8 CYCODE eepromArray[ARRAY_SIZE]= {0};




      // Sets up data structure for EEPROM storage


      struct eepromData




          uint8 mode;             // Running mode


          uint8 program;          // Program selected to run in program mode


          uint8 speed;              // speed of programs


          uint8 brightness;       // brightness of colors 0-10;


          uint8 spectrum;         // color based on spectrum location    


          uint8 white;            // white level for spectrum use


          uint8 channels;         // stores whether there are 3 or 4 channels (RGB vs RGBW)


      } dataLocal;




      And written like this:


      // Writes EEPROM structure into memory


      void WriteEEPROM()




          cystatus status; 




          // Writes EEPROM data


          status = Em_EEPROM_Write((void *)(&dataLocal),(void *)(&eepromArray),ARRAY_SIZE);




      Thank you,