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    Ref design/schematic for CY22800?

      I'm looking for a reference design/schematic for the CY22800 clock generator.


      Couldn't find anything on the Cypress website.


      I created a new case for this, but wanted to try the forum also.


      Any suggestions anyone?



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          We have an application note which explains the design and layout guidelines for Cypress clock generator devices. Please find it at the link: http://www.cypress.com/?docID=42610. Kindly go through it and let me know, if it is helpful.


          I have already provided this information in the technical support case to you. Please let us know, how we can help you further with this case.


          Thanks and Regards,



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            Thank you. I have read through AN1111 as you suggest, and it was helpful. I was just trying to determine if there was a ref design specifically for the CY22800/1 parts, but I can probably get started OK using the information in the application note.


            In addition, I have not previously used the CY36800 programmer. I am assuming that when programming the part, the programming software will allow me to just pick a configuration code# from the list starting on page 5 in the data sheet for the 22800? I have ordered but not yet received the 36800. Perhaps this is explained in documentation for the programmer?


            Thanks again!



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              Hi Steve,


              You can install the Instaclock software in your system, and you will find the Help option to get the "InstaClock Help" document. It is easy to configure clock configuration and downloading the jedec files. Please let us know if you have any issue with it.


              We would also request you, if we can move this discussion to Cypress Tech Support case. As you have created the Cypress Case # 2929462182, our Application Engineers will be working on this on the Tech Support case till your problem getting solved.


              Thanks & Regards,