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    CAN bus Bootloader


      I need to create a bootloader using a CAN bus component.  I've read the bootloader component datasheet as well as AN73854, AN73503, and AN68272 but I'm still a bit confused.  In the attached project I have a bootload component and a CAN component.   The CAN component is not listed as an option under the "Communication component" in the bootloader setup dialog so I'm going with "Custom Interface".  This means I have to define 5 different API function (i.e. - Start, Stop, Reset, Write, and Read).  This is where I start getting confused.  I'd like for the interface to be compatible with PC side (host) software tools that we already have for our current microprocessors.  That is, we have a protocol defined already for things like "ENTER BOOTLOAD MODE" and "WRITE FLASH ADDRESS".  I'm confused enough to not even know what to exactly ask here.  Just any help to get me going would be much appreciated!