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    FX3 superspeed kit - SPARTAN 6 SP601 - FIFO



      I am using the superspeed FX3 kit together with the SP601 from xilinx. i have conneted them as shown in AN65974 and I am using the provide STREAM_IN firmware and the VHDL code.


      I am trying to set up this data flow:


      FPGA (number generator) -> sync FIFO (in the FPGA) ->FX3 superspeed (STREAM_IN) -> PC (streamer application) 


      So I modified part of the provided VHDL code introducing my number generator and my FIFO memory.


      I would like the FX3 to read my FIFO by controlling the read_enable only when these conditions are met:


      (PROG_EMPTY or EMPTY )= '0' 


      I know that when both FLAG_A and FLAG_B from the FX3 are HIGH the state machine (implemented in VHDL) goes in  write mode and DATA can be written in the FX3 buffer. SLWR goes low then FLAG_B goes low too --> write_delay mode.


      Can somebody help?




      Thank you in advance