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    Pass register values to CX3



      I am using CX3 interfaced with Omnivision sensor Ov4682. I have omnivision sensor register settings defined in a .c file. I use UVC/Directshow to output the image. If I have to change a single register, I have to build the solution and flash the image on firmware. Can I use Directshow or any other means to change the sensor values dynamically? What changes do I have to make in firmware to support this?





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          Changing the regsiters on the go has been demonstrated in the example project of E-consystems (CX3RDKOV5640).


          Here brightness control, contrast control etc. are controlled from the host application and the corresponding sensor registers are changed.


          For example in the host application if the Brightness is incresed, it is sent as a UVC class specific control requrest to CX3.


          These are handled in the esUVC_Ctrl_Thread_Entry function in that firmware.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            CX3RDKOV5640 demonstrates the use of Brightness, contrast etc. being sent to CX3 from host application. I am looking more towards sending and receiving image sensor register data and address between sensor and host application.


            Also, for setting brightness, I see in the firmware it looks for a particular value of  wValue. How do I send this via host application, I am using Directshow.