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    PSoC 4 BLE Kit Packages

      How can I download PSoC 4 BLE Kit Package?


      I have already purchased and received the hardware.


      I have already installed Creator 3.2.


      The start page says "No Kit Packages Installed"




      This link provides a hierarchical list of the installed kits, along with their associated sample projects. You can obtain kits from the Cypress web site.


      The top level shows the name of the kits. Click on one of them to view the documentation for that kit.
      Under each kit, you will see sample projects. Click on one of them to create a copy of the example and open it in PSoC Creator. You will be asked where to save the project.


      Note If you install any kits while PSoC Creator is running, click the Refresh icon to view those kits. The list will expand to show you what kits are installed.


      The link above leads nowhere useful to for kit download!


      Why is this so difficult?