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    creator cannot find file but file is there?


      Hey guys,


      I'm trying to get the arm CMSIS dsp core libraries working on Psoc 5lp and I keep getting this error


       Build error: cannot find -l.\CMSISfile\libarm_cortexM3l_math.a


      now I know I have updated the additional include directories with the include file location and I've updated the preprocessor definitions in the compiler>general locations and I have updated the additional libraries with the \libarm_cortexM3l_math.a file and additional library directives with the directives.  


      is there anything else I need to do?  at first I thought it might be my path is too long or something but I've changed that.


      Ive attached my project if anyone wants to take a look and help it would be greatly appreciated!  


      Thanks guys!