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    PRoC BLE Control file

      Dear friends,


      i am working on a PRoC BLE project and have come across this error message while trying to add a SPI block.


      E2809: Unable to find a valid placement for pins and fixed-function blocks. See the Digital Placement's Detailed placement messages section in the report file for details.


      the further descriptions describe a workaround


      The placer is not able to place all of the carry chains without backtracking. It fills one UDB bank to 15/16 and the other to 7/8 and cannot place the final 2-datapath chain. As a workaround, add a control file to the TopDesign component (in Workspace Explorer's Components tab) with the following lines: ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_ADPActiveTime:TimerUDB:sT16:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(2,0)"; ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_OutputPeriod:TimerUDB:sT24:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(3,1)"; ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_OutputActiveTime:TimerUDB:sT24:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(0,1)"; This will fill the datapaths in the second UDB bank and allow the placer to assign the remaining datapaths.


      but i have not found a components tab in the workspace explorer, while working with a PRoC BLE. Under PSoC 4 projects this tab is visible. Can this error still be fixed while working with an PRoC?


      Best regards



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          Welcome in the (new) forum, Nenad.


          The components are shown on the right hand side when the file "TopDesign.cysch" is opened. If not, use "Window -> Reset Layout" to set back to original display.


          Your routing error might be caused by some fixed pin assignments you already mad. Best try is to remove them. You may post your complete project here so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use
          Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
          and attach the resulting file.






          PS:I live near Bremen, where are you from?

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            Hello Bob,


            unfortunately i have tried already to reset the layout to the default values, which does not solves the problem. I could not even find the component tab in a new/clean proc project, but in many psoc projects, maybe this feature is not available in the proc family?


            I would prefere to lt te pining as it is.


            Best regards Nenad

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              I opened your project as-it-is and -as you can see- there is the component catalog on the right hand side.


              If your Creator does not show up like this you may have an installation error or something is wrong with your .NET implementation. Re-installing (after a clean de-install) is an option.





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                @Bob, if you look at the error message carefully, it talks about "the TopDesign component (in Workspace Explorer's Components tab)", and NOT the component catalog. In your own image, look at the tabs of the Workspace Explorer, there is only Source, Datasheets and Results.


                Regardless, does anyone know how to "add a control file to the TopDesign component"? @Nenad, did you manage to resolve this issue?

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                  It turned out that one of the pins was routed to the wrong place, and as the pins were locked, psoc creator had problem with routing. Unlocking the pin made psoc creator automatically assign the correct pin, which then needs to be fixed in the hardware board.