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    Watch Window Type: Error

      I'm trying to view the contents of a few structs in the PSoC Creator watch window, but every time I add a struct, the struct's name changes to "public" with a value of "The name 'public' does not exist in the current context."  The listed type for these structs is "Error", and all structs are declared globally. Any help on why I'm unable to view the contents of these structs is appreciated.

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          Hello Laruatta,


          I tried adding a global structure to watch and I did not see any issues as you mentioned.


          Adding image for reference. Can you please attach your project.







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            Attaching image

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              can you please be a bit more specific (Creator version you use etc) Very helpful to reproduce your error would be a project archive with all of your settings that shows the error.


              To do so, use
              Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
              and attach the resulting file.





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                What version of Creator are you using ? 3.2 the current version.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  Same over here. It's with complex stuctures. Never had an issue with previous versions, it's since the 3.2 update.


                  This is an example of a structure that doesn't work:

                        typedef union {    
                            uint8    Byte;    
                        struct {    
                                uint8 b0:1, b1:1, b2:1, b3:1, b4:1, b5:1, b6:1, b7:1;     
                            } Bit;    
                        } ByteBitType;    
                        typedef struct {    
                       uint8            DisplayIntens;    
                       ByteBitType      Flags;   
                       uint8            RadioState;   
                       uint8            PowerSave;    
                       uint8            MainThermostat;    
                       } TopSettingsType;   
                       TopSettingsType TopSettings;   

                  I'll get back with more details.





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                    The issue is being identified by Cypress and will be fixed in V3.3