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    3mA in DeepSleep - power consumption way too high

      I am attempting to achieve sub 30uA quiescent current for a prototype using a Cypress PSoC 42xx CY8C4247LQI-BL483.


      I am using the BLE Pioneer baseboard measuring across the BLEVDD/VDD link jumper. I have verified my meter reads zero with the PSoC module removed from the baseboard.


      With this set up I am measuring 17mA in a while(1) loop, which seems reasonable for the processor when running. The problem is deep sleep.  I'm measuring about 3mA after executing CySysPmDeepSleep(), this high current is significantly higher than stated in the datasheet (approx 1.7uA + peripherals in the datasheet)


      I can wake up properly from deep sleep using a watchdog and this appears to work normally (i.e. processor current returns to 17mA previously measured)


      I've tried turning off the analog and UART blocks. These being on seemed to increase current by ~2mA but I can't account for the rest of the power usage.


      Any advice appreciated.

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