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    Regarding PSOC4200 prototype kit

      Hi all


      Yday i got PSOC 4200 prototyping kit ,I started working on that ,i started from bootloading by seeing app. note AN68272 and i used PSOC 3.2 as software but it does n't bootloading.


      so pls suggest the steps after getting this board and where to start with this.


      thanks in advance

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          Welcome in the forum.


          There are a few steps to take.


          First (often overlooked) is to press the switch when inserting the board into the USB-socket of your computer. It will indicate with a different blink rate the success.


          Next you need the Bootloader Host program to communicate with your board. Setup of baud rate for the emulated com-port to 15200bd as given in the Bootloader.




          Happy coding



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            I done that but in bootloader(creator 3.0) host it doesn't show any ports.


            what should i do next.

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              Upgrade to Creator 3.2


              What OS do you use? Was the kit originally sealed/packed? Does the blue LED blink fast or slow when inserting into USB slot while pressing the switch?





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                Hi, I have the same problem.  I pressed the button to make the LED blink faster. Using Creator 3.2, Windows 8.


                In Device Manager, it is in Ports, USB Serial Port (COM3).


                In Creator when I go to debug, program, it says Port Aquire Failed, and there are no selections to choose from.

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                  The CY8CKIT-049-42xx kit cannot be programmed using Creators integrated programmer because it is using a pre-programmed bootloader. Programming must be made using Bootloader Host program (to be found in the installation path of Creator).


                  Read the accompanying manuals carefully.






                  PS: The CY8CKit-059 contains a snap-off Kit Programmer which is able to program and debug any PSoC3,4 or 5.

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                    When you want to program the 042 kit first hold down the switch and install it in the computer port. 2) blue led should be flashing very fast. 3) Click on the project in the file list and under the project tab in Psoc creator select Set as active project from the list. 4) click on Tools tab select Bootloader host and it will open in a few seconds select your device from the list in the left window. Make sure Baud rate is set to 115200 data bits set to 8  stop bits one Parity none. Click on the file tab at the top of the window browse to the .cyacd file in the debug directory for the project and it will be displayed in the large white window below the file tab. When you have the file pointer in the window press the Blue green down arrow and it will start the programming process.  It will display the status in the window at the bottom of the bootloader host program. That's it .  

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                      It is now not detecting under the ports menu (computer) but led blinks at faster rate whether my board is working or not ?confused

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                        I would reinstall the software and kit program setup files again.  I have had this issue with window 7 also and it seems to be fixed by reloading the Psoc creator software and the kit software package.  Remember it does not program like a PSOC Pioneer kit you must use the boot loader host program as in my steps I send in another post. Also do you see the kit in your device manger?

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                          yeah now i bootloaded the board but after that only orange led in USB- UART convertor is glowing now no blue LED is blinking ,and i also when i tried to program the board it doesn't program,i also selected correct IC package what should i do next. 

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                            A screenshot of any error message you receive would be helpful. Also a project archive of your current bootloadable is of interest.


                            To do so, use
                            Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
                            and attach the resulting file.