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    Unknown type name uint8

      Hi all,


      I am trying out the Day026_HRM_DataLogger project, PSoC Creator shows Build Succeeded, but when I look at header file fram_logging.h, I see 3 errors about unknown type name uint8. But, it desn't show any errors in the Notice List. And it doesn't show in the fram_logging.c file. Has anyone seen this problem? 

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          add #include <project.h> and your problem is resolved.



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            Thanks, Alexander.


            I know this is a classic type define problem in C. What I don't understand is why the compiler didn't throw out error message, and why the example project would have this kind of bug in it. 


            BTW, I did try to add the line #include <project.h> in the fram_logging.h, and then Creator 3.2 got stuck at linking stage. And then it threw out unknown error message while I tried to terminate it.


            I hope Cypress would take a close look of these example projects before they post them, at least keep the format consistent, i.e. what goes into header files and what goes into .c files. I am guessing this project was a migration from some other example project. 

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              This happens in the BLE_ Proximity example project in lls.h and tps.h for the function prototype and both external dat references. Yet, common.h #includes them!


              It does build with no errors except for the error indications in the open lls.h and tps.h files.