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    PRoC Remote Control


      Hi I am new to cypress.


      ->I have brought PRoC Remote Control kit.I have downloaded PSoC creator, and other IDE's,but I cant find a link to download PRoC RDK,the link in the pdf goes to the PRoC RDK hoempage,there i cant find to download the software for it. 


      -> Through PRoC Remote can we communicate through our voice with another blutooth device say a mobile phone..i.e like a phone call?


      ->My idea is this,to make use of my device to communicate other mobile(bluetooth device) by voice,Can some one guide me in this?

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          Welcome to forum.


          -> We have checked the Kit page and it seems to be an issue with new Cypress website. A case will be filed to fix the issue. Thanks for bringing this to the notice.


          -> I would like to first differentiate between 'audio stream' and 'voice stream'. Audio stream is continuous flow of reliable audio data requiring higher bandwidth. PSoC 4 BLE/PRoC BLE supports BLE but not Bluetooth classic. As you would already know. Bluetooth classic and BLE are two different technologies and not compatible with each other.


          That being said, BLE is a low bandwidth low power wireless technology that supports small packets of data being transffered at lower rates. Audio stream does not fit there as it requires higher bandwidth.


          On the other hand, 'voice stream' is a lower bandwidth system where a lower data rate 'voice' is sent to another device for short time. This corresponds to voice commands, such as supported by Google Now but not to phone calls, which is more of audio stream.


          So using this RDK, you can send voice commands but continuous phone call is not possible (untill you lower down the audio rate and packet size to a much lower value)


          -> The PRoC BLE Remote RDK kit guide should shed some light as to how to use the voice feature to control devices (such as mobile). Again, this is over BLE and not Bluetooth classic.

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            Thank you so much for your Explanation. Now I clearly understood about audio and voice streams. 


            Guess the new Cypress website,will be soon up and running,because I am so interested in working PRoC Remote Control.