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    Internal EEPROM or Ext EEPROM


      Hi to everyone!


      I have a doubt about the internal eeprom psoc 5lp has. I see that it depends on the die temperature for correct working, if I did not misunderstood what I read. My question is does that mean it's better to use an external eeprom? 2K of eeprom is ok for what I need, but have misgiving using the one that comes with psoc 5lp. My working temp is from somewhat -20C to 50C, due to the equipment may be very down south (Tierra del Fuego) or very north (Misiones, Chaco) where it's very hot.


      And If the is a more simpler example for the eeprom than the one that comes with creator 3.2 since it's not quit self explained.


      Thank you all and regards from Bs.As. Argentina