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    Programming 8pin SOIC PSoC4000 chip



      I am trying to program the CY8C4013sxi-400 chip with SOIC 8 pin package using
      Kit Prog of Cypress PSoC5LP Prototype Kit: CY8CKIT-059


      The CY8C4013SXI-400 belongs to the PSoC4000 family and uses power cycling to enter Debug.




      Here are the connections


      KitProg VTARG => VDD Pin 4


      KitProg GND => VSS Pin 5


      ==> VCCD Pin 3 ---- 0.1uF to GND


      KitProg SWDIO => Pin8


      KitProg SWCLK => Pin1




      The PSoC programmer is unable to detect the Microcontroller with this.
      I would like to know what would be the best way to get this chip programmed.


      Thanking in Advance,