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    Programming PSoC 4 Pioneer kit


      Hello all,




       I just received my Pioneer board for PSoC 4, CY8CKIT-042. I'm new to it, so curiously trying to get it to work.


      To do that, I have downloaded the PSoC Creator 3.1 SP3, I also have PSoC Programmer 3.22.3 installed. With this after getting my pioneer board, I started with the LED Blinking project. I did the design & coding in Creator, then built it, was successfully built.


      Then I connected the pioneer board to PC & tried programming it, but could not do that; as I was getting the error: -


      Port Acquire Failed


      Device may not be connected or the port may in use by another application


      Please guide on the same. Do I need to install anything else? How to resolve it?


      Waiting for positive & quick response.


      Thanks & Regards-