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    Dynamic Reconfiguration possible?


      I have a product which uses PSoC 1 which uses firmware to dynamically select 2 of many different GPIO ports to be inputs to a quadrature decoder.


      This does not appear to be possible on PSoC 4. I tried looking at how the generated CYfitter.C file changes for various different ports routed to the inputs and there is no rhyme or reason behind it at all. There is a list of registers which change in what appears to be a random fashion, many of which are undocumented. The counter block which houses the decoder does have input control registers which are documented but just states bits which control "one of 16 possible inputs" which is not very helpful. The documentation mentions UDB, HSIOM and other terms but fails to documents them fully.


      Does all of this mean that dynamically changing routing of GPIOs to digital blocks is not possible in Creator?