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    Write Characteristic Values


      Hi Cypress Community,


      I am working with a Client/Central-Server/Peripheral set up using 2 pioneer kits where I have the server sending notifications to the Client. 


      Using the CySmart Tool and dongle and I can easily enable notifications on all the characteristics that I have set using the BLE circuit block.


      When I try using the Client/Central pioneer kit to writeCharacterisitc values to ([01:00]) the various characteristics on the Server/Pheripheral pioneer kit, only the first one is enabled and the second returns an CYBLE_ERROR_INVALID_OPERATION. Even if I call the same function twice the first one is enabled and the second returns that error. It also doesn't even matter what handle I set.


      I know it is not the Server/Peripheral side because the Dongle can enable notifications perfectly fine.


      Any thoughts?


      Thank you.