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    Debug with PSOCEVAL1 REV E Kit

      Hi there,


      I'm using PSOCEVAL1 Rev E kit to build my project. As I know that there's the only way to debug the PSOC1 is to use the ICE cube so I bought the CY3215A-DK kit. I use the CY8C29466 28DIP chip that come along with the PSOC1Eval kit to write my program. I've also bought the CY8C29X66 pod...but unfortunately cannot connect the pod to the EVAL kit because the pod footprint is much wider than the socket in the EVAL kit. I am wondering is it possible to just connect the ICE to the EVAL kit with the yellow RS485 cable which comes along with the ICE cube kit.I did try it but..."cant not connect to the pod" error came up. Please refer to the attachment photo for the setup.