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    Pull Up Problem


      I´m using a cy8c29566-24AXI and I connected Buttons in pull Up with drivemode option in the pinout in port2 but two buttons always appear like if were Press but I don´t know why, I prove with a pull up external and I have the same result. some one know why? or how can I fix the problem?

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          If your button is wired Vss to Pin, and an internal pullup exists, pin to


          Vdd, then detection of button closed is a logic 0 for that bit in the port.


          Otherwise that bit will reflect the pullup and always be at logic 1.




          Note use shadow registers if you have mixed I/O in the port, see


          following ap note for discussion.






                    http://www.cypress.com/?rID=2900    AN2094




          Regards, Dana.

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             I only use the port For Buttons and use the operation & to obtaint the pin value. I prove in Pull Down and I have the same problem. First I prove the code in a protoboard and it work fine, but in the PCB I have this problem.

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              You would initialize the port by writing 0xFF to it when you start program.


              Also setting port pins, in the pins editor, initial state as "1". That actually


              would take care of a 0xFF write to the port.




              Post your project and we can take a look at it.






              "Archive Project"




              Obviously if PCB is suspicious look at actual copper routes for the buttons


              and determine if they are correct.




              Regards, Dana.

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                 I attached My code

                I chek continuity between the pin and button and they have continuity. only the Pin 2[1] and P2[7] don´t work

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                  I try to attach the code but I can´t

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                    Use Internet Explorer or Firefox to attach code.




                    Chrome has problems.




                    Regards, Dana.

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                              Here is my code   
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                        This line of code in button poll -




                        if (((PRT2DR & 0b00000001) | (PRT2DR & 0b00100000) | (PRT2DR & 0b00000100) | (PRT2DR & 0b00001000) | (PRT2DR & 0b00010000)) != ( 0b00111101)){




                        What is the test for at the end of the code ?




                        You have buttons on P2_0, P2_2, P2_3, P2_4, P2_5, correct ?


                        Note change the name in pin editor of each button to its functional


                        name so when you look at pinview its clear what each pin does.




                        Consider doing one read on PRT2DR like -




                        keycheck = PRT2DR;                                   // Get port 2 data


                        if ( ( keycheck | 0b11000010 ) != 0xFF ) break;      // If any key down break (force non


                                                                             // button pin position in data to


                                                                             // true in this test)




                        Also, you do not debounce your keys in and out. Mechanical keys should be


                        debounced for at least 100 mS. And do you want key to be released before you


                        operate on it, code does not reflect that.




                        Attached debounce techniques.




                        Regards, Dana.

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                          Hello Danna My problem  was resolved with your tips :) I've implement the debounce and it works!!! maybe exist Noise in the trace of my PCB

                          Thanks Danna is a god TIP!!! 

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                            No gods here in the forum, all of us students.




                            Glad to assist.




                            Regards, Dana.