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    NEED HELP creating KEYPAD, 5 capacitive buttons and one resistive analog button

      ORDERED A PIONEER KIT 042 BLE kit.. 


      I am completely new. Trying to create a keypad that send type "characters" to laptop. My keypad will consists of 5 capacitive buttons and 1 resistive/analog resistive switch.


      I want capactiive button 1 to send "a" to screen on laptop (or microsoft wordpad)


      capacitive button 2 to send "b"


      capacitive button 3 to send "c"


      capacitive button 4 to send "d"


      capacitive button 5 to send the keyboard equivalent of "space"


      and the resistive analog membrane to send "e"


      .......... how do i use PSoC Creator to do this... 


      1. what components do i need to move to CREATOR


      2. what elese needed.


      3. firmware.. ANYHELP never done it.