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    PRoC Remote Control Kit



      I have two queries regarding,the application which can be done with PRoC RDK.


      1.Can we control our DVD music system with our PRoC RDK?


      2.I need to connect PRoC RDK to a Bluetooth speaker,so that I can use my PRoC as a microphone source for that speaker.


      Ex.In a seminar I can use PRoC to give speech and also I can control the slides in a single remote.


      Can we do those which I have explained above? Can any one guide me?

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          1. Does your DVD music system supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, v4.x) or Bluetooth Classic (v2.x, v3.x)? If it supports BLE Low Energy, then it can work with PRoC RDK.


          2) When you say Bluetooth speaker, I can confidently point out that it has audio support over Bluetooth Classic. Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Classic are two different wireless technologies. They don't share anything in common except the term Bluetooth and the 2.4 GHz ISM band in which they operate. The two technologies are not compatible with each other (stated by spec).


          Bluetooth Classic supports higher bandwidth and can transfer audio. BLE, on the other hand, has been designed for small data packets sent over a time. They don't have bandwidth to support large and continuous data transfer as audio. 


          PRoC RDK is Bluetooth Low Energy RDK. It can easily work with devices that support either BLE or Dual-mode (Bleutooth Classic + BLE).


          Coming to your PRoC Remote RDK used during your speech as well as controlling slides, you can do this in your system supporting BLE. If your laptop does not support BLE, then you can use the BLE Dongle (the USB stick) that comes as part of PRoC BLE Remote RDK. The Dongle will enumerate as an audio class and an HID class in the laptop. Your speaker can be routed through your laptop, so whatever 'voice' you send to laptop goes over to speaker.


          Note that 'audio' and 'voice' are two different things. Please see the post http://www.cypress.com/forum/proc-ble/proc-remote-control for more details.

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            Thanx Roit


            1.My DVD music system is classic one it doesn't have Bluetooth,it has old IR remote,I thought of using PRoC 's IR to use as DVD remote,Will it work?


            2.Now I got cleared in connecting PRoC with Bluetooth speakers. Thanx alot roit.

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              1. It can be made to work, but will require some bridge that converts the BLE to IR commands. Not sure if you want to go down that path. 

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                Thx Roit.

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                  The Remote Control of the RDK has an IR diode in it, so no bridge should be needed. Whether it works OOB depends on what IR codes the RDK sends, and which your DVD player expects. Some programming might be needed.