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    CY8C4125: SPI using SCB with ILI9341 SPI-TFT

       I worked through the 42xx code here www.cypress.com/ for SPI TFT Color LCD240x320.  The 4245 project compiled and ran on the Pioneer board as well as the 4200 Prototype board.  


      I duplicated the project and selected a CY*4125 AXI-483 for the uC and gutted the SD-Card and added in the SCB as a Motorola SPI controller.  I assigned the pins and edited the TFT.C code to utilize the SCB component.


      Everything compiled without error.  I connected to the SPI TFT color display and nothing but backlight.  Replacing the 4100 prototype with the 4200 prototype board and the display works.  I have looked over the SCB property sheet which shows SCLK mode: CPHA =00, CPOL =00 and this matches the mode used in the original SPI Master control on the CY84245 ; however, I do not find a similar "MSB First" setting with the SCB.


      I am missing something.  I do not own a Saleae logic analyzer, but my dual channel scope seems to show MOSI and SCK and CS all performing.  The D/C signal is a firmware controlled pin, and the Data/Command were only edited from SPIM_WriteTxData() to SPIM_SpiUartWriteTxData() based upon my interpretation of the datasheet for the component: SCB in SPI Master Mode.


      In the grand-scheme of things this is not a big deal, but I have a number of the 4100 Prototype boards that I want to "consume" before using my 4200 boards and the current project in mind uses a SPI TFT color display.


      Anyone see what I have done wrong?  Thank you.  1st item on Holiday list is now a Saleae.