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    PSOC4245 Real EEPROM ?

      Looking at the techinical specs on the Cypress web site of the CY4245, it suggests that it has 4kB of EEPROM memory.




      Does anyone know if this is real EEPROM or emulated ? If it is real, I can't find any reference to how to use it, only references on how to use emulated EEPROM.


      Thanks in advance,


      Paul H

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          Emulated, from datasheet -








          The PSoC 4200 device has a flash module with a flash accel
          erator, tightly coupled to the CPU to improve average access
          times from the flash block. The flash block is designed to deliver
          1 wait-state (WS) access time at 48 MHz and with 0-WS access
          time at 24 MHz. The flash accelerator delivers 85% of
          single-cycle SRAM access performance on average. Part of the
          flash module can be used to emulate EEPROM operation if

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            Thanks for the reply.  I assumed that the EEprom was only emulated, as I couldn't find any reference to real EEPROM in the datasheet. 


            I guess this is just a mistake on the Cypress website, otherwise why would it specify the size as 4kB - presumably you could reserve any amount you like ?


            Paul H

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              I created an empty project based on that part number, only Em_EEPROM component


              is available, eg. emulated, and the device selector also shows it as not having EEPROM.




              Regards, Dana.