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    PWM on BLE PRoC CTBLE-022001-00


      I'm working with a new product, using the BLE CYBLE-022001-00, which I'm trying to simulate with the Pioneer kit boards, the black one with the CYBL10563-56 on it.




      I have two pins assigned to PWM outputs, P4.0 and P4.1.   However, I can't get these ports to work with the PWM.




      Any ideas why not?   I've tried several configurations, but no luck.




      I then tool the BLE Lab 2 project, and changed the processor to work with the black board, with the CYBL10563-56 on it.


      With that simple project, I can get P4.1 to work with the PWM output, but not P4.0.




      For my product, I need both to work!