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    Unable to receive stream of data in PSOC BLE



      We have been using PSOC ble custom profile to collect around 40 bytes of sensor data from micropython board using UART with psoc ble. We are sending the data using the psoc BLE to Cysmart windows app. However when we power the psoc with the usb cable we can receive the updated streaming data but not when batterey powered. We can only read data once when we batterey power it. Can you please help us resolve this problem.


      Further we used ASUS dongle in raspberry pi and raspbian OS to receive the BLE data. We can receive not more than 20 bytes of data on raspberry pi. If the MTU is more than 23 bytes we cannot receive the data. However we can receive as much as 512 bytes on Cysmart. We tried to search for the reason and solution for it but we couldnot find any. Can you explain us about the situation we are facing?


      Thanks in advance.