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    CY7C65213-28PVXI problem in Windows 8


      I'm using a CY7C65213-28PVXI as a USB-UART bridge to talk to an Atmel AVR (running the Optiboot bootloader).  I'm using AVRDUDE to program the AVR.  The CY7C65213-28PVXI works flawlessly with AVRDUDE under Linux and Mac, but I am having problems with Windows.  I installed the Cypress serial drivers so that it appears as a COM port in the Device Manager.


      It seems that after a transmission of a few consecutive bytes from the PC, there is some problem.  I have played with the baud rates and FIFO settings.  Any thoughts?


      Also, is there a way to not have to install the drivers every time?  Otherwise, the device shows up as 'Virtual Serial Port Device 00' and not as a COM port.