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    Serial Communication Blocks (SCB)


      Dear  Cypress,


      Good Evening,


      we would like to work with PSoC 4XX8_BLE product family for our project.but in our project we must need 2xUARTs, 1x I2C and 1xSPI.


      for external modules interface.


      I have gone through the data sheet of PSoC 4XX8_BLE product family in this it has 2xSCBs with the combination of UART, I2C and SPI.


      my query:


      1) How many combinations of serial communication I can achive with the PSoC 4XX8 BLE ?


      eg: like 2xUARTs, 1x I2C and 1xSPI all i want use at a time for control the individual modules.


      2) what are possibilities of serial communications i can achive with the  PSoC 4XX8 BLE?


      I would like to evaluate the above combinations then only i can finalize the chip for our project.


      please help for the above queries.


      waiting for valuable information.


      Best Regards,


      Ravinder Reddy