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    Writing the device name characteristic


      I am trying to write the device name (0x2A00) of the GAP service (0x1800) from an iPhone or Android phone. We'd like to be able to set user-defined names for our devices (like Julian's Product) so that devices can be distinguished already when scanning for them. 

          What's the best way to do this?   

      Should I set the name by ticking the 'write' checkmark on the device name characteristic and write the name directly over Bluetooth?


      I tried to write it through iOS, but the GAP service doesn't show up like the other services. I don't know what lever to pull to make this work. 


      Should I have a custom profile for sending the device name, and then setting the device name programmatically with the received string?


      I read here that I might be able to use CyBle_ChangeAdLocalName for this purpose. I couldn't find any documentation on this though.