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    Creating Matrix Keypad

      Hello all,


      Greetings for the day.


            I am trying to configure a 4x4 Matrix Keypad using PSoC Creator 3.2 with the help of PSoC 4 Pioneer kit (i. e. mentioned to ACK device used).


      While doing that I have done some part, just wanted if I am on right track or not.


      As of yet my test board with 4x4 Matrix Keys implemented hasn't arrived, I'm unable to check it's o/p to verify the program. That's why I wanted to check whether I'm going ok or not.


      I'm attaching my project down here, please go through it & let me know my status; guide me if I'm going wrong.


      If anyone have 4x4 board to test it, please do that & convey the results.


      Waiting for your positive response & valuable guidance.


      Thanks & Regards-



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          AMraje: Here are some design files for a keyboard using Capsense.  and a Schematic for one.

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            Hello there,


            I also wanted you to have look at the code that I have written; actually I wanted to have that checked.


            If you have simpler & shorter way to do that, please guide.


            Thanks & Regards-



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              Hello all,


              Please guide me coding this 4x4 Matrix. Please tell me,


              Will I be able to read the Button press with API- CapSense_GetMatrixButtonPos(uint32 widget, uint* pos)?


              Do I need to write it for each of the BTN i.e. 16 times as it was with Normal BTNs scanned individually? Or calling it once will work; while assigning particular o/p's to each BTN, as I have done in my code (Please ref. it in attached project & guide accordingly)?


              In this API, CapSense_GetMatrixButtonPos(uint32 widget, uint* pos)- the POINTER * pos will return 2 values, namely pos[0]=Column position & pos[1]=Row position. I want to ask, if I wish to check their Pos by row & column how can I do that? I mean I wish to have it indicating o/p LED's for corresponding ROW & COL @ BTN pressed.


              Please reply, waiting.


              Thanks & Regards-