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    Unhappy owner of CY8CKIT-042-BLE_KIT

      I finally found the schematic of this kit on page 82 of  CY8CKIT-042-BLE_KIT-Guide.pdf


      I found the pin Vin connected 4V. But didin't expect, that this kit supports only 3v3 and 5V supplies.


      I thought, that removing J16 jumper switch into Vin. I was wrong -  it switch into 1.9V


      So removing the jumper damaged the board. Remember either don't buy or don't remove the jumper


      In my case externally supplied power to  pins damaged the chip.


      Supply through Vin is not possible in any case because, the usb connection is needed for debugging.


      And VBUS from USB (5V) has precedence over Vin if Vin is lower ( my case).


      For me it's a big mistake in board design