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    Individual device capabilities


       I am still in the design phase of my widget so I need to know what features and prices each available version of the PRoC BLE has.


      I found the feature list in the CYBL10X6X Family Datasheet, but prices were another matter.  I could not find the prices on the 'Buy and Sample' tab of the website.  I had to enter a site search for PRoC BLE and then click on the 'Show more' after a couple of (non-device) prices did show up.


      Anyway, I assembled the below chart of all the features that actually change in the product range and their 1000 pc prices.


      Now, my current issue is with available timers and PWM's.  I realize and have looked at the differences between PWM and TCPWM but I still confused as to how many are on each device.

      Part NumberCapSenseSCBTCPWMI2SPWMLCDPackagePrice 
      CYBL10161-56LQXI No12 No No No 56-QFN1.73
      CYBL10162-56LQXI No24 No4 No 56-QFN2.46
      CYBL10163-56LQXI No24 Yes No No 56-QFN2.26
      CYBL10461-56LQXI Yes24 No No No 56-QFN2.84
      CYBL10462-56LQXI Yes24 Yes No No 56-QFN2.91
      CYBL10463-56LQXI Yes24 No No Yes 56-QFN2.95
      CYBL10561-56LQXI Yes (Gestures)24 No No No 56-QFN3.55
      CYBL10562-56LQXI Yes (Gestures)24 Yes1 No 56-QFN3.68
      CYBL10563-56LQXI Yes (Gestures)24 Yes1 Yes 56-QFN3.79
      CYBL10563-68FNXIT Yes (Gestures)24 Yes1 Yes 68-WLCSP4.37

      From the CYBL10X6X Family Datasheet we see that:


      '4x PWM
      These PWMs are in addition to the TCPWMs. The PWM
      peripheral can be configured as 8-bit or 16-bit resolution. The
      PWM provides compare outputs to generate single or continuous
      timing and control signals in hardware. It also provides an easy
      method of generating complex real-time events accurately with
      minimal CPU intervention. A maximum of four 8-bit PWMs or two
      16-bit PWMs are available'


      Now when you combine the table and the above paragraph, I would make the determination that the inexpensive CYBL10162-56LQXI is the ONLY device that actually has 4 of the PWM peripherals.


      Is that a correct determination?